RED January day 9 – treadmill interval run, and running from dinosaurs

I had a fun morning at work, being chased around the nursery garden by dinosaurs and dragons. Eventually, they caught me. The game warmed me up nicely, and I thought I might be cheeky and count it as my RED January activity today (and when I checked later in the day – my Fitbit had recognised the dinosaur game as a workout).

My afternoon was less productive. After lunch, I felt worn out. Running away from carnivorous reptiles can take it out of you, I suppose. Besides, getting back into work routines after a two week break is beginning to catch up. So, as I set off for home during rush hour traffic, I decided that I was done for the day. I looked forward to getting home, putting my feet up and having a nice cup of tea.

The traffic driving home was truly horrible. I felt increasingly agitated and irritated as I sat in my car, tired, hungry, and itching to get home. Then something wonderful happened. Funkytown by Lipps Inc, a track from one of my running playlists, came on the radio. Suddenly, all I could think about was getting home, not to put my feet up, but to get on the treadmill.

Twenty six minutes of interval running, and I felt great. No longer agitated, irritated or stressed. This is what RED January is all about.

The power of upbeat music, and the power of exercise combined. An interval run, and a dash away from dragons. Day 9 in the bag.

#REDJanuary #running

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