RED January Day 10 – feeling proud

I’ve had two barriers, two things blocking me in my running:

  1. I’ve not been able to run for more than 30 minutes
  2. I couldn’t run a full 5K without having a little walk

On my frustrating drive home from work, I contemplated what I would do for RED January today. I decided to break one of my running barriers, and run for 35 minutes.

As my neighbourhood (unlit country lanes – no pavement) is not safe to run in the dark, I would be using the treadmill. I do like the treadmill for new challenges, as I feel more in control of the run when I use it. It’s easier than running in the real world, I can regulate my pace easily, I can see exactly how long I’ve been running for, and I never have to stop to let a tractor safely pass by.

I warmed up by walking the dog, and then got straight onto the dreadmill and into running. I told myself 35 minutes was my target. I wasn’t going to worry about pace or distance, just keep going for 35 minutes. It was hard to get going. My legs were like lead after a long day at work. But I listened to my favourite playlist, and tried not to think about how long I had left.

Once I got into my rhythm the time passed quite quickly. Thirty five minutes later, I had ran 2.9 miles. I felt like I could keep going, so I decided to make it a round 5K. The display read 3.1 miles at 36 minutes 55 seconds. I slowed down, and took a warm down walk.

I am proud of my run. My time and pace may be slow. But I have made progress, and achieved something new. Now I just need to repeat this at parkrun on Saturday. And then set myself a new target…

I wonder whether I would have ran tonight, and pushed myself, without RED January? I’d already achieved my Fitbit targets for activity while at work. And I certainly felt tired by the end of the working day. Then, when I got home my dog needed walking – more activity. But doing RED January has led me to try that bit harder. And as a result, I feel great.


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