Waiting for normal service to resume.

As the Covid 19 pandemic rages on, some are trying desperately to hold on, waiting for the madness to end (healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, all hospital staff, etc.) For those of us not working, it feels more like waiting for life to begin again. I want to get back to the job I love, but as an agency worker, I’m left dangling, unsure even whether I’ll get furlough. Not that I want to be paid for doing nothing – I just want to be able to do my job. Lets out big “sigh”.

Then I’m also waiting to find out whether Newport Marathon will be postponed for the third time – making each long run a Big Decision. How far should I go? (As far as I want) Is it worth it? (Of course it is!)

And all the time social media, and google photos, keeps gleefully reminding me of how much more fun I was having this time last year/two years ago/ five years ago and so on.

This morning I was reminded that this time last year I was in London with my daughter for for the weekend. We had a fabulous time. The weather was fine, and we walked for miles, went to the theatre, and ate well. Sometimes I am irritated when these things pop up on my phone, annoyed that today doesn’t look as appealing as the past. I also tend to dwell on the fact that we didn’t know what was coming. But today I appreciated being reminded that I had a wonderful time, and realising that there will be more good times to come.

We just need to be patient, stay safe and healthy.

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