What season is this?

I’ve started marathon training again, with the somewhat optimistic hope that my twice-cancelled marathon will go ahead in April.

Today I needed to do a fifteen mile long run. I was very reluctant – the weather was not inviting. Just before I set out, there was a very heavy hailstorm, along with strong, icy wind.

But I pulled myself together and got out there.

I prefer to go to a nearby wetland, Steart Marshes, for long runs because it is beautifully flat. But it’s also rather exposed. So I decided to run closer to home, and put up with the pesky hills for the sake of shelter from the elements offered by hedgerows and trees.

During my 15 mile run I encountered hail, rain, sleet, snow, icy wind, sunshine and rainbows. And I also had to wade through some flooded roads. All types of weather in the space of three hours; four seasons in one. But I felt better for it and was glad I’d made the effort.

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