Feeling connected

Isolation is a common problem at the moment. The UK news headlines right now are all about isolation – borders closed, no deal Brexit, Covid tier restrictions – I dont need (or want) to go on! Our movements and contacts are stripped back to the bare essentials for the sake of public (and our own) safety. And I think I’ve become so used to this way of living that I’ve almost forgotten about what I’ve lost along the way.

My blog has also been quiet of late, I think, because my world has become very small.

Then, a few days ago this was hand delivered to my door:

A reminder of happier, more hopeful times.

The medal is for Waves on the Prom, a series of 5K night races that began last winter in Minehead. They were great races, friendly, with a fabulous sense of community. I was particularly impressed by the children’s race, which was a wonderful, fun event and an excellent way to encourage children and young people to enjoy being active.

Sadly, the series was cancelled as Covid 19 arrived and changed our lives.

So when a kind woman hand delivered the medal to my home (I live a fair distance from Minehead and her effort is much appreciated) it meant more than just a medal for running a distance. This medal symbolises a community, friendships, and many happy times. It reminds me of much-missed parkrun, trotting along Minehead seafront in the wind.

Suddenly, I feel more connected, and grounded. I look forward to a time when we can see those we have missed again, and do the things we used to take for granted.

And meanwhile, I’ll keep alive the memories, and hope, and stay connected.

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