Let’s hear it for the trails

I had no idea, when I laced up my trainers for a trail run yesterday (19th September 2020), that it was Global Trail Running Day.

I’ve got a trail race coming up in four weeks, which I’m a little nervous about. So I need to increase my off-road running. I planned an eleven mile route which would take me along the coast path. For basic safety, I had plenty of water (it’s ridiculously hot weather for September) and made sure someone knew where I was going.

I find trail running much more tiring than road running. Not only do my legs have to work harder over grass, rock, dirt paths and mud, I also need to concentrate a lot more on what I’m doing.

Even so, there’s nothing quite like running on trails for getting that runner’s high. Just imagine, running downhill towards the beach, the salty sea breeze at your back, open rolling countryside to your left, gulls swooping over the sea to your right; a euphoric sense of total freedom. Admittedly, it was less fun running back up the hill, but then all good things involve challenges.


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