Where running takes me

I love where running takes me. Physically, and mentally.

I’ve been feeling stressed. Who isn’t feeling stressed in the context of a global pandemic? Next week I’ll be back at work, working with two to four year old children, who have no ability to socially distance (thank goodness – that’s not what being two is all about). But I’m anxious.

I couldn’t run yesterday – my stomach was on fire (possibly stress related?) Today I felt better, so I got out for my long run. A glorious eleven mile run/walk/dawdle along the coast path. I had planned to head east along the coast path – I haven’t been that way before and I was in the mood for exploring. But I got confused trying to find my way past the Hinkley Point power stations. So I turned back and headed west – along my usual coastal route.

Still in the mood for exploring – I decided to go a little further than usual along the path.

Lots of people were out – it’s a wonderful warm and sunny bank holiday Monday. I ran until I caught up with a very large group who were walking and chatting together. I didn’t want to pass this large group on the narrow path. They were clearly not following current UK lock down rules (but then who is – certainly not high ranking political advisers).

On the way back I passed a chap who had decided to get changed for some reason – perhaps he fancied a dip in the sea. He stood totally naked in what he must have thought was a secluded spot. When he spotted me he quickly sat down, clutching his clothes to his lap. He clearly wasn’t staying very alert. There were people all over the coast path.

The run home was slow going due to the heat. I took my time and enjoyed the views of coast and rolling hills.

Today, my run took me to the sea. It took me over hills. It challenged me. It took me on a little adventure. It took me to a happier place.

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