Not-Marathon Day

Today I should have been running my first marathon. Naturally, in the face of COVID-19, the race didn’t go ahead. It’s been postponed until 25th October.

I got up this morning feeling very sorry for myself, and then feeling guilty for feeling upset about it. In the grand scheme of things, a postponed race is not a big deal – and I know I am extremely fortunate to have my health and to be able to run. But…. it can still be hard to deal with disappointment.

I had planned to get up early and go for a long run. I got up not in the mood, and wasted a lot of time. But in the end, I got out.

Running really is the best medicine. I didn’t run a marathon today. No where near. But I had a good, long, hilly run. And I felt good about it.

And to be honest, I think today was too hot for marathon running anyway.

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