Happy Birthday Run

Photo by Hilary Halliwell on Pexels.com

A moment of joy amongst the uncertainty and worry of coronavirus.

Today is my birthday, and I am fortunate that my birthday fell on a day off. With people being told to avoid social contact, the choice of birthday activities is a little limited. But that’s okay – the main things is to stay safe and healthy.

At the moment, in the UK, we are still allowed to go outside to exercise – as long as we keep away from other people. A solitary run through the quiet (quieter than usual?) roads around my village was a good thing to do on my birthday.

It was a lovely morning – signs of spring all around; birds singing, daffodils and primroses in full bloom.

I’m a little lost now that I’m no longer following a marathon plan, and don’t know what I should be running when. I initially thought I’d go out for five miles. As I reached the point where I’d need to turn back, I decided to go a little further – making the most of my freedom to run outside and my good health. And at least there is an upside to no longer needing to follow the marathon plan – I can reconnect with the joy of running for fun.

It was good to get outside and clear my head. As we all face worry and uncertainty, it’s important to nurture both physical and mental health.

Be well and stay safe.

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