And just like that….

Our world changes.

Just last week I had a very busy calendar. Suddenly everything is on hold. It is sobering to think of how the world can change so rapidly in the face of something as small as a virus. It makes me think of H. G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, and it makes me feel very vulnerable.

I am grateful for my health, and I am deeply sad to hear the rising Coronavirus death toll each day. Each single loss of life is a personal tragedy which can sometimes seem swamped in the face of cold, hard, dispassionate statistics.

So I am very aware that my own problems – cancellation or postponement of marathon/trips and holidays/conferences – are absolutely first world problems.

My disappointment at my marathon (Newport) being postponed is a small thing. The organisers have actually done a really good job – offering every possible option to keep people happy (new date, transfer to 10K if you don’t want to train over summer, free transfer to another runner if you can’t make the new date, virtual race if none of the above works for you). ANd I am still fit, healthy and able to run.

But I think I am still allowed to be disappointed. I’ve trained through storms. I trained in pain (after a nasty fall). I gave up on many activities (housework, blogging, housework, cooking, housework) to make time to run for hours each weekend. And it feels like it was for nothing. It feels like a waste.

But – and this is really important – I know it is not a waste. I am healthier, and I have pushed myself in a way that I never would have thought possible. And I had a really good excuse to neglect the dusting for all those weeks.

Even so, it’s a little hard motivating myself to go out for a run. It’s raining outside. And it’s not like I have a marathon to train for right now…

But then, in a few days I might not be able to go for a run outside – so I’ll stop complaining and lace up my trainers.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone affected by illness or grief.

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