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Yesterday was a stressful day. I work in education, and we had The Special Visitor. It went okay – results pending report etc. But I couldn’t help but second guess everything I did and said. All through the night. Over and over. Now that I’m part of the management team, I feel responsible not only my own mistakes (real or imagined) but for everyone elses too.

On a brighter note, I went to see the Les Miserables Staged Concert last night, which was glorious. But Beyond the Barricades and On My Own going around in my head did nothing to help the sleep situation. What’s more, going out straight after work, with no time for processing the day was probably a mistake.

I thought it wouldn’t be a problem as I have a late start and chance for a lie in on a Tuesday. Doesn’t help if you can’t sleep though.

I tried every breathing and relaxation exercise I know. I just ended up relaxed and wide awake.

If it wasn’t pitch black and freezing outside I might have been tempted by a run (I’m not being wimpy, our rural roads are pretty unsafe to run on in the dark). So instead I’m off for an early morning swim before work.

Even though I’m shattered, I find myself craving physical activity. A vast improvement on the days when I would have been more likely to crave chocolate or pastry.

Perhaps I’ll have better luck sleeping tonight?

Do you get insomnia?

What strategies do you use to help you cope?

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