RED January Day 25 – Burns Night and fartlek

A while ago I downloaded Nike Run Club on my phone. So far, I hadn’t got round to using it. With my phone telling me it’s running out of memory, I needed to try out one of the NRC runs, to see whether it’s worth keeping the app.

I had about half an hour or so to spare between different stages of cooking dinner (Burns Night haggis, neeps and tatties). I scrolled through the various guided runs to find treadmill runs. I liked the look of the ‘Half and Half’ run, and at 29 minutes it was about the right length.

When the track started playing, it told me it was a fartlek run. I had no idea what this was, although I had seen the word before. I looked it up after my run and discovered that it means ‘speed play’. That sounds about right; the run was fun, like play.

The run started with a warm up, and then suggested a pause for stretching. Good idea – although my treadmill automatically turned itself off, losing the data from my warm up run. After a few stretches, I restarted the treadmill and pressed play on the app.

The run resumed with four minutes easy effort, then two minutes hard, three minutes easy, 90 seconds hard, 90 seconds easy, three minutes hard, two minutes easy, four minutes hard. I liked the idea of running easy and hard, rather than a specific pace or speed. After all, I know what’s easy for me, and what’s hard – and this changed through the course of the run. The varying lengths of intervals kept things interesting. I also liked that I could have my own music playing in the background.

What I liked less was the commentary of the run coach, which I found irritating. Even so, her encouragement did the job, and I was pleased with my time.

I’ll certainly be exploring more Nike Run Club guided runs. The app can stay on my phone.

Meanwhile, the haggis cooked to perfection.


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