RED January Day 24 – more dinosaurs, an escape from Mr McGregor and some running

I’m proud that I managed to keep going this week.

The week was already set to be full, with the usual demands of family life, work and study, plus an important meeting. Then, most significant of all, my son came back from Scotland, where he has been working for the past six months. We hadn’t seen him since August, and it’s lovely to have him back home.

In spite of reunions, meetings and work, I’ve managed to make time to keep up with RED January.

On Monday, I didn’t need to start work until 9.30, so I had a good pre-work core yoga workout. Afterwards, I felt serene and upbeat all day. The next day I felt achey, but still managed to have my happy run (read about that one here). On Wednesday I started work at 10am – so I went for a lovely pre-work swim. That was an absolute first for me. RED January has been full of firsts – not earth shattering, massive firsts – but little changes to the way I do things.

Today, I came home from work broken. I was working with 2 year olds, and I had the back ache to prove it. This morning we made Jurassic Farm, and had a difficult time protecting the sheep from dinosaurs. But we had a super-turkey, who was more than a match for the dinosaurs, so all was well. Then this afternoon I was chased round and round the garden by Mr McGregor, who wanted to cook me in the oven and eat me. It was all good fun, but I wouldn’t recommend running in wellies.

As I left work, I found walking to my car uncomfortable. This didn’t bode well for my planned treadmill run tonight. Perhaps a yoga session would be more beneficial? After the drive home, things seemed to have eased (maybe I just needed to sit down?) Arriving home, I decided to just get on the treadmill, and see how I felt. A five minute warm up walk, 25 minutes of intervals, and then a warm down walk.As usual, I found the run hard going to start, but enjoyed it once I got going. And wonderfully, after I got off the treadmill I noticed that all trace of back pain was gone.

Exercise is great medicine.

This time next week will be the final day of RED January. Here’s to a great final week!


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