RED January Day 20 – not quite intervals

A bit of yoga to stretch out yesterday’s aches, and then time for a run.

I was due a 3K run on the training plan that I’m following, so I thought intervals would be good for today. I’ve been using one of the Couch to 5K+ podcasts – Speed – for interval training. I’ve used this podcast a couple of times on the treadmill and, although I’ve found it helpful, I do find it tricky getting the timing right.

Laura, the voice of Couch to 5K, counts out beats to help regulate the pace. I’ve tried turning the treadmill up, turning it down, but I never seem to get my feet hitting the track on time. Our treadmill is small and narrow, so I wondered whether it would be easier to get the timing sorted running outside.

I had a little warm up walk, and then began running in time to the podcast and – with the freedom to run more naturally – I was able to get the timing right. I was having great fun running fast/running slow/running fast until the podcast crashed on the fourth interval.

I had a fiddle with my phone, gave up and decided to jog steadily until the bottom of The Hill. I didn’t feel inclined to run up the hill; but a brisk walk up it would still be beneficial.

At the bottom of the hill, I decided to run just a bit more. Then a bit more, and a bit more and a bit more, until I was at the top of the hill – and enjoyed a lovely run down the other side.

It’s pleasant to reflect that – not so long ago – I struggled to walk up that hill.


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