RED January Day 16 – Pilates

With January the time for resolutions, shops are bursting with fitness clothing and equipment. On a recent trip to the supermarket to buy groceries I was tempted by leggings, a yoga block and a set of resistance bands.

Today I decided to try out my shiny new resistance bands. I had no idea what to do with them, so I went on YouTube and searched ‘yoga bands’. One of the results was a promising looking Pilates workout from Jessica Smith TV. I enjoy yoga, and I’ve been going to Water Pilates classes, so I was interested in giving this a try. I pressed play and gave it a whirl.

I liked that Jessica had a little fluffy white dog curled up asleep by her feet for the whole thing.I also had my fluffy little white dog by my feet. Once he realised that I was not going to either take him walkies, or give him my band, he went to sleep too. Must be a Pilates thing.

Pilates is similar to yoga, with a emphasis on controlled breathing and core strength and stability. As I worked through the video I was also aware of similarities with the movements and exercises from the Water Pilates classes. Using the band was fun, although holding it in position for some of the exercises proved tricky. For example, hooking the band around a foot while on all fours, and then extending the same leg without letting the band fly off, that’s going to take a bit more practice. I’m also pretty sure that my band is shorter than the one in the video, which added to the overall trickiness factor.

I found some of the lying-on-the-back exercises difficult to do because of a lower back issue. I tried lying on the sofa, but I don’t think that’s a good idea either – the squashy sofa being too unsupportive. I’m hoping that strengthening my core will help my back in the long run. But next time I’ll try double yoga mats instead. Apart from my back issues, I felt that I had a good workout. Overall, I think I am going to feel the effects of the workout tomorrow.

I will revisit this video again. I’d like more practice to be able to use the band more effectively, and without fumbling. But that’s good, because I like to have something to work on.



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