RED January Day 13 – One for the dog

I had no intention of including dog walking in Red January, because I already do it every day. And also because my dog is supremely lazy and walks so slow we almost go backwards.

Archie loves RED January too

But today he was on top form. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and he had a spring in his step. We walked to the top of the village to the playing field, where he skipped and bounced, and we even had a little run.

The village playing field is a lovely facility. It borders fields, and has far reaching views to the Quantock Hills. Sadly, it may soon be closed to dogs due to a few inconsiderate owners failing to pick up their dog’s doings. It’s an easy enough thing, to carry a few bags (I sometimes need four for Archie – not wanting to be personal – but a wise dog owner never leaves the house with just one bag). This is a genuine health concern. The school use the field for sport, and it is used for community events and weekly football. And honestly, no one wants to tread in what dogs leave behind.

After our little scamper on the field, we skipped home enjoying the sunshine. Archie enjoyed sniffing out interesting smells.

Back home, I followed up the walk with a 30 minute Yoga with Adriene video. Archie enjoys these videos; he likes to look out for Adriene’s dog Benji. He also likes to join me on the exercise mat, sometimes strategically placing toys on my head when I rest it on the ground. But today he was too tired for such tricks, so he just watched Benji while I followed Adriene. Then I felt totally relaxed.

We need exercise to get the heart pounding. But sometimes we also need it to unwind and relax.


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