RED January Day 7 – Yoga

A day spent working with two year olds ought to be active enough.

I certainly feel like I’ve had a full and active day. Chasing around the garden, picking children up, carrying children, sitting on chairs designed for two year olds, being sat on like a chair for two year olds, and sitting on the floor can leave me feeling tired, sore and aching.

After my first day back at work following the Christmas break, my choice of RED January activity was clear: yoga.

I had already tried out a new YouTube yoga programme by Yoga with Adriene. Today I completed day 2:

This is a 30 day programme, published to coincide with the New Year. A great thing about this time of year is the fact that New Year exercise videos are plentiful – so it’s easy to give something new a try.

I’ve used Yoga with Adriene videos before – and I really like this one. Adriene explains everything thoroughly, and presents with her usual warmth and humour.

The video I used today lasted just under 40 minutes. It focused on the foundation of yoga practice, beginning with breathing and posture. It built steadily towards positions and movements which work the whole body, and which I certainly found challenging.

By the end of the session all my aches and pains from my day’s work had eased, and I felt calm and relaxed.


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