RED January – Reality check

Reality is dawning. Tomorrow I’m back at work, and my course has restarted. How am I ever going to find the time to do all the things I need to do?

I took a twelve month study break from my postgraduate, distance learning course this time last year. This was for various reasons and, just after I applied for the break, I found myself unwell and at an absolute low point. If I hadn’t already arranged to take a break, I probably would have dropped out.

It may be no coincidence that 2018 was the year I sorted my health and fitness out. There have not been many years when I haven’t had some sort of study commitment – I am a study-addict. It’s an unhealthy addiction, both in terms of putting myself under unnecessary stress, and also because it leads to very sedentary habits. In the past, when I have been working on an assignment, I have struggled to make 2000 steps in a day. Juggling work, home and study has been hard. Juggling work, home, study and my new, more active lifestyle? How will I manage?

I want to continue with my course. It is important to me. And so is my new lifestyle. But perhaps establishing new habits and goals is exactly what I needed to do before beginning starting to study again. Otherwise, I would have slipped back into unhealthy habits, both in terms of physical and mental well being. I have RED January to hold me accountable, and start me off on the right foot. I’ve already experienced the benefits of exercise for managing stress. I hope that balancing all the other demands of life with physical activity will help me to feel calmer and more in control. It might even make me more productive.

I am going to have to plan ahead, and prioritise. But I also need to be kind to myself. I need to remember that exercise can be a brisk walk with the dog, or working out to a YouTube video at home.

This morning I took the dog for a walk and then did a couple of YouTube workouts. Then I studied for a while. I haven’t tackled my to-do list or any housework yet. But I’ll get there.


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