RED January Day 5 – Minehead parkrun

I’d like to tell you about Minehead Parkrun. It’s quite a small parkrun. Numbers fluctuate and, being a seaside town, we often have visitors. Today 117 runners completed the course .

Minehead is a coastal town in the UK county of West Somerset. It’s near to Exmoor National Park, surrounded by stunningly beautiful countryside, and is well worth a visit (and I don’t even work for the Minehead Tourist Board!)

The course is quite flat, and paved, following the seafront promenade. There is often sand blown onto the promenade, and it can be windy. The views are pretty, especially on a bright day (although today was gloomy, grey and very cold). There are usually people strolling up and down, or sitting on benches, enjoying the bracing sea air. Visiting runners might reasonably hope for a personal best, although two factors can work against this:

a) the wind

b) the need to keep turning

The course starts beneath the clock opposite Minehead’s preserved steam railway station. Runners head first towards Minehead Harbour, turn, return past the start line, continue towards Butlins holiday park, turn and complete the first lap by returning past the start again. This route is completed twice, and then a final run down to the harbour and back to the start.

Confusing? I found it very confusing first time around. I knew that I still had further to go because those fast runners were still lapping me. And most of the slower runners too. What didn’t help was the fact that some really keen, fast runners just keep going after their 5K. But what I love about this parkrun is the fact that all those laps and turns create many opportunities for smiling and cheering each other on. Minehead parkrun is super friendly, and super welcoming.

If you’re ever in the area, come and join us. We will give you a warm welcome. For more information:

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