RED January Day 4 – Water Pilates

The last weekday of holiday before returning to work next week. I made the most of my time by joining a Water Pilates class at my local leisure centre.

The focus of Water Pilates is to build core strength. The instructor introduces very controlled movements, which are repeated while focusing on breathing, and engaging the core. One of the other class members commented ‘what’s really fascinating about this is that it doesn’t look like we’re doing anything – but it’s really hard’. I had already tried out this class last week, and I can honestly say that I felt how powerful the exercises were the next morning.

My abs were particularly stiff and sore for a couple of days. This was really beneficial to me. Due to a problem with my lower back, I can’t do crunches or similar exercises that involve lying on my back. But with Water Pilates, crunches are done while lying in the water in a ‘v’ shape, supported by a noodle.

There are exercises to work all muscles groups, with an emphasis throughout on core stability. The buoyancy of the water offers support for joints, while water resistance is actively used to give an effective workout. And trying to carry out the movements with control while bobbing about in the water truly exercises the concentration. And of course, this is great for working on balance.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and felt energised and set up for my parkrun tomorrow.

#REDJanuary #WaterPilates #Swimming

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