Red January day 3

Falmouth Harbour

Today was going to be tricky, and emotional, as I would be driving my daughter back to Falmouth, where she is a university student. It’s been lovely having Sophia at home for the holidays, and we are going to miss her.

And then on top of the emotional goodbyes, a round trip with a driving time of almost six hours leaves little time for RED January. Would I be able to find time to exercise? Would I fail RED January on the third day?

I began the day with a quick yoga session. Faced with the prospect of all those hours in the car, a few stretches seemed like a good idea. I wondered whether this could count as my exercise for the day? It seemed too easy – surely RED January should require a bit more effort. But at least I was prepared for the journey.

The journey to Cornwall was good, a bright, cold morning, and not too much traffic on the road. And most importantly, my poor old car got us there safely.

Arriving in Falmouth stiff and aching two things were necessary:

1) a good stretch of the legs

2) a Cornish pasty from Rowe’s

We dealt with the pasty first, and then went for a walk. Falmouth was overcast, and bitterly cold, but lovely, as always. We strolled along to the National Maritime Museum, and then back through the town, with a few stops along the way. Strava tells me we walked 2.3 miles. Might this count as my day’s exercise? The leisurely pace left me feeling that I needed something a little more vigorous, particularly as I needed to balance eating the pasty, and spending six hours sat in my car.

So arriving home, I was itching to have a run. As it was zero degrees Celsius and pitch black outside (and it had been a long day) I used the treadmill. I made my first attempt at running intervals, using a NHS England Couch to 5K+ podcast. The Speed podcast introduces intervals, running and jogging for a total of twenty minutes. Since completing Couch to 5K I’ve been able to run for thirty minutes at a time, which is a huge achievement for me. But I am slow. So speed is something I want to work on. I found the running intervals hard, but I certainly felt that I’d challenged myself for day 3.

#redjanuary #C25K

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