Red January day 2

I got up stiff and aching today, and knew a day off from running was needed. I also wanted to spend time with my daughter, who returns to Falmouth University tomorrow. So when my daughter suggested we go swimming, it seemed like a perfect idea.

Swimming would be a good change of pace, while still allowing me to do something active. I love to swim – it’s one form of exercise that I’ve always felt comfortable with. It’s also a fun thing to do together.

However, as much as I love to swim, I do wish that I was better at it. I can swim for a long time, I can swim a long way. But my swimming stroke is not great. It is inefficient, and lacks grace. When I learnt to swim, back in the 1970s, swimming lessons seemed to involve flailing around in the water until you could flail without sinking.

What I lack in grace, I tried to make up for in effort this morning. We spent a good 50 minutes swimming at our local pool in Bridgwater. I swam using my own interpretation of front crawl, and on my back using no particular stroke at all. At one point we both had a go at butterfly stroke, which seemed more likely to make me swim to the bottom of the pool. But we had fun. And swimming is a great choice for fitness, providing a good workout while supporting the joints.

I hope to make swimming a habit. Perhaps I’ll think about working on improving my technique. But as long as I enjoy it, and my fitness benefits, it will be time well spent. One of the exciting things about RED January will be finding different activities to try through the month.

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